Top 10 Christmas Lights Questions

Top 10 Christmas Lights Questions

We've been answering customer questions for 16 (almost 17!) years. Here are a few of the technical questions we hear most often.

How do I light a really large tree? This project provides a great reference for large tree projects.

Everyone hates when half their lights go out. The solution might be easier than you think.

We hear this question when customers are moving from glass to LED bulbs.

Be sure to check Christmas light tags or packaging to know for sure how many strings can be run from end to end. This article explains one reason why fuses are blown.

Some projects require customized lengths of lights. This article explains how some Christmas lights can be cut and others can not.

SPT-1 and SPT-2 aren't starship designators but are a measure of the insulation thickness for traditional commercial 18 AWG Christmas cords. Read more about this specification here:

For a professional finish, terminate the ends of Christmas cords. This blog presents a couple of options.

After terminating cords, Gilbert or vampire plugs make life easy. Wondering how many to have on hand?

Our top question for mini and craft lights is, “If one bulb burns out, will the rest go out?”

Folks ask how to make these types of Christmas trees. Here is an inspirational and an educational post showing two ways to create a family of trees in the yard.

We hope these answers help. Have other questions? Search here on our blog and if you don't see your topic addressed, please head over to our contact page and we'll do our best to answer.