Get This Look: Pure White C9 LED Bulbs Outline

House with Pure White LED Christmas Lights

This quick Christmas lights installation combines commercial-style multi-application clips, stakes, pure white LED C9 bulbs, and a standard commercial C9 cord.

Here is what the customer had to say:

The lights are nice and bright. I personally would consider these a cool white. Everything on the roof line in the picture are these lights. The lights on all the bushes, garage, railing, and door frame are pure white lights from Menards. Was hoping they would match a little more closely. I may just have to replace the lights from Menards eventually.

Ryan J.


This review addresses the difficulty in matching LED colors from different manufacturers. At a glance, the bulbs and cords are similar but do not exactly match the nets and light strings from Menards but they do blend nicely. The key is to stay within the color family for white LEDs. Think of them as two camps: cool (leans to an icier end of the spectrum) or warm (more yellow-toned).

Projects incorporating traditional glass mini light strings (for example, yard sculptures with glass strings installed) consider heading to the warmer LED family for complementary Christmas Lights.

We like this sweet Christmas display that includes almost every component of a well-rounded installation with the roofline, yard edge, hedges, doors, and an outdoor Christmas tree all lit for the Holidays. Well done!





Originally Published 9/3/2022