Battery Operated Lights

Battery Lights

Frequently asked questions and tips:

Can you run battery lights in series?

No, while you can certainly run the lights in a row visually, you can't connect them on to another.  They have stand-along battery packs with no jacks to allow you to do that.

My battery light strand is wonky.  A few of the lights are dim.  What is the problem?

This issue is 99.999% your batteries.  If you grab a pair or trio of batteries out of a kitchen drawer, they are more than likely not as fresh as they could be, ready to power a set of battery lights. 

Purchase your batteries from a store where they'll experience good turnover in their stock and test out your strands before the big day.  Use only like batteries - don't mix brands and vintages.  Test ahead of time so if there is a problem, we can walk you through a solution or get you a replacement set.

Quick note, on the multi color sets, blue and green require more current than the other colors and will fade before the others.  Again, if you see this happen, grab a fresh set of batteries.

Also, wait until just before your event begins to turn on all of your battery lights.

Will battery Christmas lights work with rechargeable batteries?

There are always advances being made in the world of battery technology but so far, we've seen best results with fresh non-rechargeable batteries.

Do your battery lights flash on and off?

No, sorry, our battery lights are steady-on.

How far apart are the bulbs?

On our incandescent sets, the bulbs are 4 inches apart.  Our fairy lights have 3 inch spacing between the drops of lights.

In our LED battery product line, the distance between bulbs varies between 4 and 6 inches apart.  Check the specifications for each set that you are interested in to see the spacing and total length of the strand. 

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Shipping Policy

We are currently shipping Monday - Thursday with most orders shipping the same or next business/shipping day. 

Once an order is placed it is put immediately into a shipping queue, this means we cannot cancel or modify your order once completed. If you have ordered incorrectly, you can return any uninstalled items that have been shipped to you. See our Shipping, Warranty, and Returns page for more information.

To Prevent Delays

Please double-check the address. Include a correct phone number to be used only if there is an issue with the order.  We do not ship to PO Boxes. Orders with PO Box addressing will be delayed while the customer is contacted and the address is corrected.

To prevent delays: Confirm the wire color of all items. Confirm that bulbs and cords match (for example, C7 with C7, C9 with C9, E12 bulb with E12 cord). Confirm SPT rating of cords and plugs match.

Delivery Timeframe Notices Regarding Air Orders (Excluding Holidays)

Orders placed via ground service should arrive in 1-5 business days depending on your zip code. This estimate does not include weekends or major Holidays.  

2-Day air orders shipped on Thursday do not arrive Saturday but should arrive the following Monday. Next-Day orders shipped on Friday do not arrive Saturday but should arrive the following Monday. No orders are delivered on the weekend and the weekend does not count as days in transit.

Due to these unprecedented times and high shipping volumes, UPS and FedEx do not guarantee the day and time of any method of shipping, including 2-Day and Next Day Air Service.

To ensure prompt shipping verify that your order is correct. Please do the following checks:

1. Confirm bulb bases and cord sockets match. 
2. Confirm 18 AWG wire SPT rating matches the SPT rating of plugs.
3. For bulk C7/C9 bulbs and cords orders, don't forget gilbert plugs, if required.
4. Double-check the wire color on all strings lights.