Purple Mini Lights


      Welcome to a realm of elegance and whimsy with our Purple Mini Lights with glass bulbs. Imagine every bulb as a droplet of amethyst light, ready to cascade a mystical glow over your surroundings. These lights are the perfect blend of enchanting color and timeless charm, poised to transform any space or occasion into a magical experience.

      Whether you're creating a Halloween spectacle, celebrating your favorite sports team, or looking to add a splash of color to your home decor, these purple lights offer a versatile solution. They shine beautifully when strung around a Christmas tree, adding an unexpected twist to traditional holiday decor, or when used to jazz up a teen's bedroom. The glass bulbs, with their classic feel, add an extra touch of sophistication to their vibrant hue.

      Decorate for a Birthday party with Purple Mini Lights

      Purple mini lights will instantly say "fun and festive" when used to decorate for your child's birthday party. If your child likes Barney, Dora the Explorer, or My Little Pony, purple mini lights would be the perfect accent for decorating the trees, shrubs, a life size Dora or Barney inflatable in the yard, or for lining the pathway leading the pint-size guests to the party. Even Donatello, one of the Mutant Ninja Turtles, wears a purple wristband! For a party with this theme, intertwine purple and green mini lights together to decorate and I guarantee they'll be a big hit.

      Purple light strings for purple trees

      Do you simply love the color purple? Did you know there is such a thing as an artificial purple Christmas tree? Go all out and decorate your tree this year with purple lights, a purple wreath, and purple ornaments, along with purple mini lights!

      Or just highlight your traditional green Christmas tree and greenery with our purple lights for a rich and non traditional look.

      Decorating for Easter with Purple Mini Lights

      Easter is the ideal time to use purple mini lights for decorating. No matter how you look at this spring holiday celebration, purple is a color that always seems to be associated with Easter. Use purple mini lights on trees in the yard and shrubbery, along with other pastel colored decorations for a festive look. Inside the house, use them to decorate your brunch table, along with purple linen napkins and vases filled to overflowing with flowers of all shades of purple. Sprinkle in a few chocolate eggs covered with purple foil and you'll have a beautiful table setting!

      Decorating a Girl's Bedroom

      Some girls love the color pink, whereas others love the color purple. Consider using several strands of purple mini lights to create a curtain effect on a wall by hanging them from the top of the wall and allowing them to hang down in straight lines to the floor. Another idea for a cool look in a girl's room is to swag the mini lights from the ceiling at different intervals. At night, this would be stunning along with the glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling.

      Decorating for Halloween with Purple Mini Lights

      Halloween is a holiday that has traditionally been decorated with orange mini lights. However, consider this year adding purple mini lights to the mix and you'll be surprised at the results! The purple lights add an additional dimension, if you will, to your Halloween décor. Add a few green mini lights too and you'll instantly have the spooky look that you've always wanted for your Halloween display.

      Honor Your Favorite Sports Team with Purple Lights

      (Go TCU Horned Frogs!)

      Does your favorite sports team proudly wear the color purple along with another team color? Use purple mini lights, along with the other team color, to spice up your appetizer table, the bar and drink table, or to outline the big screen television on the day of the big game. Your friends and family will love that you've gone the extra mile to support the team!

      Just as with all of our lights, run with the ideas that come to mind and you'll have a great time in the process!