Blue Rope Light


      Introducing our collection of blue rope lights - the perfect choice for adding a cool and calming ambiance to your holiday decor. These blue rope lights will make a statement, whether you're using them to light a path to your boat dock, line your walkways, or create a unique lighting display. Available in LED and incandescent options, these lights are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and easy to use. Check out our collection today and discover how these blue rope lights can transform your holiday decorating experience.

      Do you have rope light for my 4th of July party?

      Yes, combined with our red and white rope lights, you can go over the top with your patriotic decoration with our 150-foot spools of blue rope.

      We hear some of the best ideas for these spools from our customers. A few suggestions include these projects:

      • Stage lighting
      • Dance floor outline
      • Part of an all-blue Christmas display (zig zagged all over the roof!)
      • Outline the roofline for the 4th or for Christmas
      • Pair with white rope lights for Chanukah
      • Dance recital accent
      • Theater background - simulated outline of buildings as a backdrop

      Some questions we've fielded about these spools:

      Can I cut the rope light to make 6-inch sections?

      No, these spools can only be cut between white cut marks as noted in their specifications. The spacing can vary between styles so be sure to double check. For more info see our rope light installation guide.

      Are these lights navy blue?

      No, the incandescent rope light is similar in color to the blue mini lights and blue Christmas bulbs you see during the Christmas season. A bright, rich blue - not really navy. The LED rope light is the bright blue you see in other styles of blue LED Christmas lights.