Multicolor LED Christmas Lights


      Multi-color LED Christmas light strings are a popular choice for holiday decorations. They can be used to decorate trees indoors and outside, houses, and other outdoor areas.

      Here are some additional details about multi-color LED Christmas light strings:

      • Length: Constructed to be ultra-low current devices, these multi-color LED Christmas light strings can be run hundreds of feet in series plugged into a single outlet. Each set contains 25 or 50 bulbs making it easy to substitute damaged light sets.
      • Colors: These strings alternate red, green, blue, yellow, and orange.
      • Use: Multi-color LED Christmas light strings can be used for Christmas trees, wrapping outdoor trees and columns, and accenting other outdoor areas.

      If you are looking for a festive and easy-to-use way to decorate your home for the holidays, multi-color LED Christmas light strings are a great option.

      Decorating with Multi LED Christmas Lights

      Here is how one of our customers used their lights:

      Our mantel matches our Christmas tree this year, thanks to you and your lights! We love how the multi-color LED mini light nestle right into the pine boughs we have lining the mantel above our fireplace. They add just the right bits of light and color to the mantel decorations.

      We also used several light strings of the multi color LED mini lights on the wreath above our fireplace mantel. When the overhead lights are turned off and the mini lights are on, our Christmas tree, mantel, and wreath all twinkle with colors of red, blue, green, orange, and yellow. We love how everything goes together and brings the room together.

      Ideas for using Multi LED lights

      The roofline decorated with multi color LED Christmas lights will beautifully illuminate Santa and his twelve reindeer on the roof. Elaborate holiday lighting displays are the ideal way to use our multi color LED lights to showcase your huge snowman, candy canes, or sleigh. Shrubs, tree trunks, porch columns, sidewalks, fences, banisters, porches, eaves, and garden sheds all look their very best when decorated with our multi color LED Christmas lights.

      Inside the home, use these lights to frame your doorways and bring attention to the mistletoe hanging at the top of the doorframe. Surprise your children by decorating their ceiling with multi color LED Christmas lights in honor of the holiday season. Add glow-in-the-dark stars to their ceiling as well and you'll be hailed as the best parents ever!

      Dens, sewing rooms, craft rooms, home theatres, refinished basements, game rooms, and billiard rooms are all great spaces for adding light, whimsy, and fun with the addition of multi color LED Christmas lights.

      Apartments are sometimes tough to illuminate without spending a lot of money on free standing lamps, so use our multi color LED lights instead to add light to an otherwise dark room. They're great for every day use or for lending to a festive atmosphere during a party with friends.

      College dorm rooms typically are rather drab and truly beg for a little TLC. Use our multi color LED Christmas lights under your loft bed or around your window for a bit of added color. No matter what your surroundings or furniture, lights instantly brighten a space and make it warm and inviting. Turn the overhead light off at night and visit with friends or watch a movie by the light cast from the multi color LED lights.

      Campgrounds are famous for interesting light displays. It is tradition for some families to walk the campground at night just to see what other campers have done to illuminate their site, RV, popup camper, or tent. Our multi color LED lights are perfect for draping along the awning of your RV or popup camper. They'll look great at night outlining your screen house while at the same time serving as a beacon for you to locate your campsite when you're walking back from the bathroom. Create a multi color LED light fence around your campsite using our light stakes. Not only will it deter others from tromping through your site, but will look pretty too.

      Dress up your Nativity by outlining the stable with multi color LED mini lights. The different light colors will bring out the colors of the clothing of Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, and the three kings.

      Multi color LED Christmas lights are useful for decorating throughout the year, so think outside your comfort zone and try some new decorating schemes!