Orange Craft Lights

Orange Craft Lights

Every September and October these craft lights sell out as crafters get ready for Halloween and folks decorate for Fall. Whether filling bottles and containers for home decoration or filling craft booths with lit containers to sell, orange has been one of our top color craft lights.

Not just for Autumn, combine these lights, which are also known as amber in the Christmas light trade, with other colors to celebrate your favorite sports teams. We call them orange because they have very little brown in the dye lot. This shade is a traditional "Christmas light" orange - not a primary version of the color.

Decorating with Orange craft lights

Mixed with yellow and green, these are also great lights to shift your decor from the bright lights of summer to the muted warm tones of Autumn. Use them not only in containers but take advantage of the 36 inch lead wire between the plug and first light on all of these sets in the following ways:

  • accent wreaths in an entryway
  • light up garden topiaries
  • decorate a dry birdbath
  • fill a wire kitchen chicken (Seriously! Find one at your local craft store)

Available with 10, 15, 20 and 35 lights to the string spaced just 3 inches apart on either green or white wire, choosing the right set of orange craft lights for your project should be easy.

Limiting yourself to just a few sets my be the hard part! These lights are incandescent and do give off heat when operated. Do not operate lights unattended or place on a heat sensitive surface.

Decorating with Orange Craft Lights

Here are a few suggestions of ways to use these mini light sets:

    Pull a small unlit Christmas wreath out of the attic, vacuum it, fluff it up and turn it into an Autumn, Halloween or Thanksgiving accent arrangement. Add a string or two of the orange 35-light sets on green wire - the longer cord gives you 36 inches of reach before you'll need to grab an extension cord. Loosely drape the lights across the top of the wreath. Add an assortment of little plastic themed toys and cutouts. Attaching them with hot glue will keep them in place and just takes a dab here and there for most lighter objects. You can find little themed decorating accents at dollar stores, craft stores and online at places like Oriental Trading Company.

  • Use these orange lights to add a spooky glow to the inside of a Jack-O-Lantern.

  • Fill those glass brick projects with orange lights and stack them in your entry way. Adorn them with beautiful fall patterned bows for a festive hello to your Holiday guests. Be sure to plug your lights into a GFCI plug and keep out of the elements if you are using them on a porch. Our craft lights are not tailored for standard outdoor installation.

  • Use the orange lights in green and clear wine bottles and accent them with twists of berry vine - they'll add a festive touch to your kitchen counter or wet-bar.