G12 LED Christmas Lights

Round (G12) LED Christmas Lights

(These light sets are also known as razzberry and raspberry lights.  The "technical" term for this LED lens shape is G12.)
The lenses on these light strings are about the same size as an over-sized blueberry.  It makes me think of candy and when you use this in your next project to decorate for Christmas or for a party, the results will be sweet.
Here's how our customers are using these lights:
  • Christmas trees - this shape is a great complement to a traditional tree especially those with colorful and family-made ornaments
  • Outdoor trees - many of the over-the-top super wrapped trees that you've slowed down to photograph are done with these lights
  • Reading nooks - bundle these above a small space for with a bean bag for a son or daughter's getaway space
  • Parties - use these lights above an outdoor dining area
  • Weddings - this shape is used by brides to decorate for their receptions (especially in warm white)
  • Animated displays - connected to a multi-channel controller like the Light-O-Rama programmable controller, we have  many customers who use these sets as part of their animated Christmas light displays.
Our customers for these strings include:
  • Restaurants
  • Cities
  • Residential users
  • Malls/Department stores