C7 (E12) Cords and Spools

Decorating with different lengths of C7 Christmas light cords


These C7 stringers are perfect for lighting either short or long distances and replacing old worn wiring. Each cord features 25 sockets spaced 1 foot apart.

We love to use these C7 cord sets in our front flower beds. We've doubled them up for an effective bulb spacing of 6 inches and they look great. The bulbs are the same size as night light bulbs and make a great accent for the front of our home. We switch these out through the year - our neighbors are always wondering what we'll be doing next!

(Speaking of night lights - these do have the same bases as night light replacement bulbs and let you get really creative with your night light colors. Our son loves his dark transparent blue bulb!)

Understanding 25-ft Light Cords and Their Limitations: These standard cords are ideal for lighting short distances or replacing older, similar type cords. Each cord features 25 sockets spaced 12" apart on 20-gauge wire. 

But remember: Plugs on these 25-foot C7 cords feature a 5-amp fuse - allowing only two cords to be connected end-to-end or you'll blow the fuse in the plug.


These Commercial 100-Foot C7 Cords feature C7 sockets spaced 12 inches apart and feature a 20 foot lead wire for easier installation eliminating the need to use an extension cord in many applications.
These cords are constructed with heavy duty 18 gauge wire and the sockets are rated for outdoor use.

An easy installation soluton, you'll like the fact that these C7 cords are fuseless, and polarized.

C7 Bulk Spools

For the ultimate in C7 cord flexibility, consider our bulk spools. Used primarily by professionals, anyone with a huge project will benefit from our 1000 foot spools. Spaced from 6" to 18" you can really match the spacing to your application.

These bulk spools are cut to lengths containing no more than 100 bulbs and you install male and female end connectors. Please be sure to consult with a qualified electrician if you have any question regarding the assembly of the custom spools.