Clear Craft Lights

Clear Craft Lights


Bottles, jars, glass bricks, people are discovering the wonderful marriage of glass containers and white mini lights that are specifically designed for crafts. Whether made for sale or given as gifts, this is a wonderful trend that has strengthened over the last few years.

It all starts with the container and what you are a fan of. I've seen glass bricks dedicated to sporting teams, used in weddings and used as decor for wet bars and as night lights.

The principle is simple, find a fun bottle, drill a 1/2 inch hole near the base and fill it with lights.

Choosing white craft lights allows you to paint and adorn your bottle or container with the color scheme of your team, room or event.

Using white mini lights for crafts

Here are some ideas to get you started on what could be a really great new crafting activity for you if you arenā€â„¢t into it already

  • White craft lights  installed inside your favorite spirits bottles lined up in a row at the back of your bar.
  • Light up your bookcases. Pop lights into your mosaic projects instead of candles and install them in your display shelving.
  • Add subtle lighting to your guest bathroom.  Fill glass bricks with white craft lights and use them as a night light.
  • Give a gift.  Fill wine bottles, then pop one into a gift bag with a new bottle of wine for a nice hostess or housewarming gift.  (So, now you have a reason to save your wine bottles!)