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Parades, Cars, Boats, RV's

12-volt LED Light Strings

12 Volt LED Light Strings

12 Volt LED Light Strings

12 Volt LED Light Strings


      We love these 12-volt light strings for parades, camping adventures, on boats, and golf carts. Constructed in two parts; a 10-foot long section of lights and a 15-foot power cord, these lights plug into any standard accessories outlet. Running on DC power, they don't require an inverter for operation. 

      Up to 30 light sections can be connected end to end using proprietary coaxial connectors. 

      In addition to Christmas wreaths installed on semi-truck grills, we love to use these lights wherever an outlet is unavailable. Using a lawn mower 12-volt battery or similar, and a clip-to-accessory-plug adapter, lighting a table in the middle of a field, a backdrop, or a gazebo is possible without a geneator or trenching for new electrical service. 

      Customers have also included apartment buildings in NYC that used batteries to power these string lights wrapping trees growing in the sidewalks. This plan provides an easy way to avoid extension cords and trip hazzards.