Craft Lights

Mini Lights with Just A Male Plug

What do craft lights look like?


      Lights, lights, lights! When it comes to small craft projects, we're not just talking about a touch of sparkle; we're discussing a whole universe of twinkling fun! Did you know that you can turn simple bottles or jars into charming decorative pieces with light strings?

      These mini luminary wonders are perfect for small craft projects. Each string comes with 10-35 bulbs and a single male plug, making them a snap to use! They don't have a female plug, so there's no need to figure out where to plug the other end. They're designed to be super easy to work with.

      Imagine an old wine bottle or mason jar magically brought to life by a warm, cozy glow from within. All you need to do is gently install the string of lights into your chosen container. Feed the light string into the top of the bottle or drill a hole at the base of the bottle or lid. It's a splendid way to repurpose glass bottles, jars, or any small containers. They're perfect for setting a warm ambiance at dinner parties, creating a dazzling centerpiece, or providing a gentle glow as a bedside light.

      But remember! When dealing with these little luminous friends, unless you choose a set with LED bulbs you must be mindful of the heat they can produce. These bulbs are like us on a summer's day; they can get a little warm under the collar. So, when you're making your crafty masterpiece, it's crucial not to cap them off. We don't want to trap that heat inside, now do we?

      To make sure our bottles don't get too hot under the collar, it's always best to leave an opening at the top. This way, the heat has a way to escape, and we're left with a safe, shining beacon of creativity. So go on and light up your craft projects! Unleash your creativity and add a spark of light to your masterpiece. Just remember to let them breathe, and you'll have a twinkling work of art that's sure to dazzle and impress!

      An innovative light string just for crafters

      A few years ago, when I was new to this business, I was finishing dessert and coffee at a friends house and I kept noticing the collection of bottles she had displayed in her butler's pantry. I had to ask her how she managed to fill the bottles without a wire coming out of the top. I wondered to myself what she had done with the second plug.

      She was happy to answer all my questions.

      Her husband had used his drill press to drill a hole in the back of the bottles. Then he modified the light strings to remove the second plug and then the string of lights were inserted into the back of the bottles and an extension cord supplied electricity to the light string. She had run all of the cords to a dark colored power strip that was tucked back next to the wall.

      It was beautiful. I knew I had to help her get a set of lights that would make this project much easier.

      I think we've succeeded. We're happy to offer an entire line of mini lights for crafts that have your choice of 10,15,20 or 35 lights to the string and 36 inches of lead wire between the standard plug and the first light. Better than just white, we also make them in a wide variety of colors with green or white wiring.

      These lights are perfect for:

      • lighting up glass blocks to accent parties and Holidays
      • filling wine bottles with lights to match a theme (the 20-light set is most popular for this application)
      • lighting up mosaic and stained glass projects
      • lighting up a floral arrangement or topiary in your entryway

      We never get tired of seeing how these lights are used in bottles, blocks, mosaics, or countless other different kinds of projects. Please share your creations by leaving a review with a photo or video attachment on the light set you use for your project.

      Frequently asked questions and tips:

      What do you mean by stackable plug? What is that maximum connection specification since you don't run them in series?

      These craft lights come with a single plug that has slots (for lack of a better phrase) in the top of each male connector that allow you to plug a second set into the top of the first. (Thinks those stacks of plugs in the middle of all your Christmas tree lights.)

      Even if the lights are not run in series, the fuses determine the maximum number of lights sets that you can stack into a single plug. That's what that specification is all about.

      If one bulb does out, will the others go out?

      All of our mini lights - these crafters lights included - are constructed so that if a bulb "burns out" the rest of the lights will stay on. However, if a bulb housing is damaged, a bulb is unseated or removed from the socket, it will take down the rest of the strand.

      What do I do to get extra replacements?

      Your craft light string will come with 2 replacement bulbs and an extra fuse. We don't sell replacement bulbs by themselves. If you'd like to have several replacement bulbs on hand, consider purchasing an extra string of lights just for that purpose.

      Also consider keeping all of your bulbs grouped together in labeled envelopes. Some of the replacement bulbs for the strings have different voltage ratings so you want to keep like bulbs with like strands.

      How long should they last?

      These light strings are rated for an approximate 2000 hours of use. We warrant them for 90 days of normal seasonal use. The biggest factors in the ultimate lifespan of your lights are hours of usage and temperature.

      If you over-fill a sealed container with lights, heat will build up inside the container and will accelerate the aging of your light set.

      Do these lights get warm?

      In a word, yes. Be sure to operate your lights under supervision and don't cork off your bottles when the lights are in use. If you sell light-filled bottles and blocks, make sure you add a hang-tag or a sticker to your projects letting users know that the containers will warm up and caution them against placing them on heat sensitive surfaces.

      We suggest you don't fill wine bottles with more than 20 mini lights and don't cap the lights during operation.