Multicolor Mini Lights

Multicolor Mini Lights

Multicolor mini lights are the ultimate way to add a fun and festive touch to any celebration. These mini lights are perfect for decorating Christmas trees, wreaths, and garlands during the holiday season, but they are also a great choice for sweet sixteen parties and home decoration year-round. The vibrant colors create a fun and cheerful atmosphere that will delight guests of all ages.

Decorating with Multi Mini Lights

The central (main) street of your town will be inviting and sparkly when decorated with mini lights. Multi color lights are an ideal choice because they'll compliment any color of decorative flag, sign, or hanging plant decorations lining the streets. Dress up the pole lights lining the main street by wrapping them with multi colored mini lights. The town square and gazebo will look great strung with mini lights! The multi colored strings of lights are perfect for summer festivals, park days, concerts, and the holidays.

The "Charlie Brown Christmas tree" is what may come to mind for a lot of you when you think of multi-colored mini lights. This is a more traditional and simple way of decorating the tree. The different colored lights allow you to use just about any color or style of ornaments you like and they'll automatically look fantastic.

Add a whimsical touch to your pet's doghouse with multi-colored mini lights. Remember how Snoopy decorated his doghouse with lights? Your dog's house will look fantastic and festive!

Don't forget your garden shed, tool shed and garage. These outbuildings will instantly look dressed up for any occasion when strung or draped with multi colored mini lights. Flower gardens, rock gardens, fishponds and water features will have a pretty twinkle effect when accented with multi color mini lights.

Are you the person responsible for decorating your church, the central mall display or the courthouse? Whether your courthouse is older or relatively new, multi colored lights will bring warmth and beauty to the building. Outline windows, arches, and banisters with mini lights. Decorate all of the trees, shrubs, benches and walkways too. The inside of any mall is brighter with the addition of multi colored mini lights to window displays, doorways, and food courts.

Chain link fencing is extremely functional, but not all that attractive on it's own. Spruce up your chain link fence by stringing it with several strands of multi-colored mini lights. The mini lights would look great strung across the top third of the fence, or create swags of lights along the length of the fence. During the holidays, add a wreath and some other decorations. The multi-colored lights can be left up throughout the year to bring a special touch to any ordinary day.

Do you want a reason to decorate with multi-colored mini lights? Here are a few ideas.

  • Birthday parties for children or adults
  • Decorate your deck, patio or balcony with strings of lights
  • Pool a bunch of multi-colored lights at the base of large pots containing artificial trees/plants.
  • Holiday displays such as Nativity scenes, Santa Claus themes, etc.

Take the time to brainstorm ideas on how you can use multi colored mini lights throughout the year around your home, business, church or town. You might be surprised at how many ideas begin to flow!