20-bulb Craft Lights


      Embark on a magical crafting journey with our splendid range of craft lights, each set twinkling with 20 bulbs, either in classic glass or modern LED versions. These strings have proven themselves as the all-stars of our crafting light collection, known for their stunning glow and practical design. With bulbs placed 3 inches apart, they offer a balanced luminosity that's perfect for your creative projects.

      The sets are designed with your ease in mind: each string includes a 36-inch stretch between the single male plug and the first bulb, simplifying installation for your finished projects. They shine their brightest when lighting up wine bottles or illuminating glass blocks, transforming everyday items into glowing works of art.

      A word of caution for those of you using our glass bulb sets: they may look cool, but they can run quite hot. Treat them like a genie in a bottle – don't cap them off! Allow the heat to escape, ensuring your lights continue to safely sparkle and shimmer for as long as possible.

      Do you have a light set for wine bottles?

      You asked, we answered.  Your response has been overwhelming.  Customers from coast to coast have been filling wine bottles and glass blocks with these lights.

      Wine bottles, vintage bottles, liquor and even "liquer" bottles have found a second life on the shelves of kitchens, wet bars, dining rooms, and restaurants all over the country.

      Will I need an extension cord?

      We even thought about how your projects would look after you installed them and we engineered these strands to have 36 inches of wire between the plug and first bulb. Hopefully, this will allow you to skip using an extension cord.  If you still can't get around that, you'll be better able to hide the plugs around a corner or behind the teapot that a favorite Aunt gave you years ago.

      Will these lights heat up?

      Yes, these lights are incandescent and do warm up during operation.  This can take a toll on your lights if you over-stuff your container and it overheats.  The darker colored lights may see a quicker fading of their tint if they are overheated as well. Balance your love for light with heat and "uncork" your projects when in use. As with all things electrical, plug your light strings in under supervision.

      If you sell your projects, be sure to add a sticker or hang tag letting your customers to be cautious about placing your project on a heat-sensitive surface.