C7 LED Bulbs

C7 LED Bulbs Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have an LED replacement bulb that will fit into my C7 (E12) Christmas light stringer?

Yes, these C7 style LED bulbs are similar in size and shape to a traditional C7 light bulb. You can use them in any C7 cord that is in good electrical repair. If you need to purchase a cord, you can find them in this category.

Can you use these bulbs in a night light?

Yes, if your nightlight has a standard E12 sized base. They provide a subtle glow and with so many color choices, you can be creative and choose not only white but pink, blue or green as well to light up your hallway or bathroom.

How many LEDs are in each bulb?

Our C7 LED replacement bulbs have 3 LEDs per base. You can choose between a two lens finishes: faceted or smooth. You also have a choice between steady on and flashing.

Can I use these bulbs in animation?

If you are animating your display you MUST use dimmable C7 LED bulbs. Standard LED (DIP) bulbs will quickly fail if you try to quickly flash them on and off.

Customers for these bulbs include:

  • Residential users
  • Restaurant owners
  • Cities
  • Government agencies
Applications include:
  • Wrapping trees
  • Swinging between backyard trees
  • Accenting commercial and residential patios
  • Christmas tree lighting
  • Halloween Decorations