LED Twinkle Mini and Icicle Lights


      Love the look of LED mini lights but miss the twinkle of your incandescent strings?

      We've manufactured these lights with your party or Christmas tree in mind. These light sets have a subtle twinkle perfect for creating a lovely tree. Twenty percent (1 in 5) of the bulbs flash on and off randomly, leaving 80% of the bulbs steady-on.

      Here are a few of our frequently asked questions:

      How are your other customers using these light strings?

      • Ceiling decorations for proms and events - totally impressive once the room lights dim
      • Lighting up barn dances
      • Mixing with strings of non-white LED lights on their Christmas trees to create extra twinkle but think outside the box by combining with colors like red, green and multi
      • Twinkle sets with white wire are a big hit with brides decorating their receptions
      How many lights are on the string? How long?

      These lights strings have 50 LEDs with 6 inch spacing between the bulbs with a total lit length of about 25 feet.

      There are 4 inches of wiring between the first and last bulb and the male and female plug ends. There are male and female plugs on each set and you can run them in series.

      Be sure to check each string to confirm maximum number of lights that can be connected together as that can vary based on color.

      Do the bulbs flash on and off at the same time - synchronously?

      No, the flashing is not synchronized. The bulbs flash quickly on and off.