Purple LED Christmas Lights


      Use these purple LED light strings to decorate a Christmas tree, add a spooky touch to Halloween décor by mixing them with orange lights, or use them for any other occasion where you want to add a pop of color. Purple LED mini lights are perfect for any fun and vibrant project.

      With six different shapes, you can create a customized, eye-catching display to make your space stand out. These lights can run over 40 or over 80 sets in series, making them perfect for larger projects. And with their low wattage ratings, you can enjoy the fun true purple color for hours without worrying about your energy bill.

      Using Purple Christmas Lights

      Here is what one of our customers emailed us about their purple lights:

      We wanted to try something completely unconventional this year, so we decided to
      use your purple razzberry lights for all of our Christmas decorating this year - purple is our school color.

      Our tree looked fabulous with the purple lights! We used all round ornaments in silver, crystal, and purple colors. The effect was absolutely breathtaking at night when we could see the purple lights reflecting off of the silver and crystal ornaments. -Susan


      Purple color LED mini lights are especially effective in creating a truly "terrifying" environment! <laughing>

      • Haunted houses
      • Residential homes
      • Business
      • Classrooms
      • Office Cubes

      Our customers use purple along with green and orange to make the most of their ghoulish and creepy Halloween displays.

      Try blacking out your windows with black paper then swag black yarn to create a large spider web. Outline it with purple lights to provide the perfect street-view of a creepy crawly display.

      Line the inside of a foam or weekend-project wooden coffin with purple color LED lights and then leave it cracked just enough that the light shines out between the cracks.

      Birthday Parties

      Switching gears a bit, birthday parties are a big hit when decorated with purple LED mini lights. Wow your guests by lighting up a dark hallway with lights on the ceiling and then using streamers to line the walls.

      Criss-cross lights across the living room ceiling or the dining room - especially in Winter when the kids can't get out to play. Add colorful white and purple balloons attached to long strings running down to the floor and you'll have color throughout the space.

      Are you having the birthday party outside? Decorate the patio or yard with purple by using fences and outbuildings as your lighting canvas. Party themes that would be ideal for using our purple color LED Christmas lights might include flowers, My Little Pony, The Littlest Pet Shop, superheroes, or over-the-hill themes.

      High School Graduation

      Are you planning a big celebration for your high school graduate? If his or her school colors included purple, include lighting to add school spirit to your festivities. Our LED lights can be used inside the home or outside the home, so use your imagination to come up with ways to add lights to your special event.

      Interior Design

      The color purple is being used more often by interior decorators to create an atmosphere of serenity in the home. Bathrooms and bedrooms are popular spaces for using light as accents.

      Sports Parties

      Football season is known for Sunday gatherings around the big screen television with friends, family, and food, all in the name of cheering on your favorite team. If your team sports team colors that include purple, why not kick it up a notch and decorate your home theatre or living room with purple Christmas lights? Intertwine the purple LED lights with lights of the secondary team color and you'll have a football party that was the highlight of the week.

      Girl's Bedroom

      A girl's bedroom is another room of the house that would look beautiful and sparkly with the addition of purple color LED Christmas lights around her headboard, ceiling, or shelves.