Light Stakes


      An easy way to light walkways, driveways, and sidewalks.

      Growing up, we knew that in order for our family Christmas light display to really be finished the yard HAD to be outlined along the sidewalk and driveway. It was prideful for my Dad to see all of our C9 bulbs snapped to attention.

      (He was retired after 20 years in the Navy and there was a certain amount of precision in everything around the house as a kid.)

      Dad approves of these light stakes. He loves it when I bring him new products to test out and he enjoyed both styles of stakes. His preference is for the taller Christmas light stakes but for me, I prefer the shorter ones.

      Our yard has a lot of clay in the soil so by the time I am ready to run my outlines of lights along the driveway and flowerbeds, it is handy to be able to use a rubber mallet to install the stakes so the Universal Light Stakes are the way to go under those installation conditions.

      We were also excited about our clear plastic Christmas light stakes - super sharp and totally unique.