Clear Mini Lights on Brown Wire

      Need Christmas lights to wrap your palm tree? Looking for an easy way to add light to your next celebration?
      Christmas lights with brown cord are a perfect choice when you need to decorate with lights in your garden or when working with projects including grapevine.
      Customers use these lights on:
      • Wrapping palm trees and backyard trees
      • Lighting up grapevine overhangs and wreaths
      • Filling whiskey barrels
      • Accenting a fence

      Decorating with Brown Wire Light Strings

      Accent a mountain home

      Rustic homes and log homes are the ideal background for our clear Christmas lights with brown wire.

      Just imagine the brown wire string lights blending in against:

      • cedar siding
      • rough-hewn logs
      • cedar shakes
      • brown vinyl siding

      Then imagine how the clear Christmas lights will sparkle and shine when the sun goes down.

      The effect will be warm and inviting to you, your family, and your friends each and every time they approach the house.

      Use them outside

      Outdoor decks and gazebos take on a whole new look when they're adorned with these lights on brown wire. The brown wire camouflaged against the wood tones allows the lights to shine through.

      These strands add ambiance to an outdoor space and work well for not only the every day special occasions, but also for those times you want to add a bit of extra sparkle for a cookout or bonfire evening.

      Light up a restaurant

      Pubs and outdoor cafes can easily use these lights to bring some great atmosphere to their outdoor spaces, including seating areas, free standing bars, and volleyball courts.

      You'll find more uses than you thought possible for these great mini lights on brown wire!