Blue Craft Lights


      Whether you are a Dallas Cowboys fan, having a 4th of July barbecue or planning a fabulous Bar Mitzvah, our blue craft lights have just a single plug and are ideal for a wide variety of craft projects.

      Our customers are using these lights in projects like:
      • Filling night lightboxes
      • Lighting glass blocks decorated with blue bows for a baby shower
      • Mixing with silver bows and ornaments on a wreath
      • Accent decorations for sports-watching parties
      • Wedding Decorations used with tulle
      Our 10, 15, 20, and 35 light sets feature 3-inch spacing allowing for maximum lighting with less wiring. Each set comes with an extra fuse and replacement bulb. Keep in mind the strings made with glass bulbs will warm up under operation and you'll need to be careful not to operate them on a temperature-sensitive surface.

      Choose either green or white wiring based on your project. Consider green for dark containers and dark fabric. White wiring is a good choice for clear containers and decorating in conjunction with light organza or fabrics.

      Decorating with Blue Craft Lights

      I always associate blue with patriotic holidays, Sunday afternoon football and my Granny's Christmas tree.  Sometimes in Texas the only thing that reminds you of the blue-ness of early morning snow in the middle of winter are mini lights. 

      Here are a few suggestions of ways to use these craft lights for yourself, for gifts or projects for your next crafts fair:

      Fill a glass brick with lights

      Use a glass etching solution to frost a glass craft brick.  Both are available in your local crafting super-center, no need to get a glass brick meant for construction and risk injury drilling a hole in it.  If you don't have one of these stores handy consider asking your closest window glass installation business to take care of drilling a hole in your brick big enough to insert lights into.   You can also find glass craft bricks online.

      You can decorate the glass brick with decals or sponge paint (stencils make this easier).

      Depending on the size of your brick, install a craft light set of either 15, 20, or 35 lights.  Shake the brick to evenly distribute the lights. 

      Add a bow or other decoration.  Silver or blue works well with this color of lights.

      Decorate for your next shower with a few of these bricks on the presents and guest book table.

      Create a Centerpiece

      Combine silver and blue Christmas light ornaments with a string of blue craft lights in a glass bowl - preferable the kind tailored to be a centerpiece - and use it to accent your Holiday buffet or decorate a side table - just make sure there is an outlet handy.  The lights reflect on the ornaments and turn what could be average into a really attractive party accessory.

      Fill a wine bottle

      Use a 20-light strand to fill a wine bottle - white wire for clear and green wire for green bottles.  Decorate your wet bar with red, white and blue filled bottles during July.