Lighting Valentines
is Easy!

Fun projects for February

Battery lights project

A simple project using materials you probably have on hand. Light a guest bath or create a table accent.

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Light a bar cart

See three ways to add cheer to a bar cart for February parties and events. This winter month needs light!

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Create a fun vase

Use decorative transparent hearts that can be purchased at a local craft or "dollar" store to create a stunning vase for February.

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Our favorite battery light for small projects.

Warm White Fairy LED Battery Lights (CR Battery)


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These Micro LED Battery lights are perfect for Mason jars, Bridal bouquets, and Corsages.

Their lightweight size makes them ideal for:

  • small containers
  • homecoming mums
  • table decor

These battery lights with super-compact battery boxes are a great solution for all of these applications.

Lasting over 100 hours, these lights strings are shipped with two CR2032L batteries. You can find replacement batteries at your local big box store next to the AA and AAA batteries.

This set features a 2x1 inch battery pack, a 7.5 inch lead wire, 86 inches total length with a lit length of 78.5 inches.

Wind the wire around your hand, stuff it into your container or do what we do and pop them in your purse to whip out as a solution to any battery light emergency and you'll find you love these as much as we do.

Indoor Use Only

Decorating for Valentine's Day with Mini Lights

valentines day is a great time to have a nice dinner, eat some wonderful chocolate and exchange gifts and pleasantries with the one you love.

What better time to use a few strategicually placed mini lights to enhance the mood and the look of your complexion?

Traditionally, Valentine's Day has been associated with red bulbs.  Red bulbs mixed with pink and clear also make a nice display with a little more pizzazz. 

You have several styles to choose from based on what you imagination is cooking up.

C7 and C9 Bulbs and Cords for Decorating for Valentine's Day

Try transparent red C7 or C9 bulbs, cords and stakes to make up a couple of large lighted hearts in your front yard to welcome your sweetheart's arrival home from work.  Keep the display up the entire week of Valentines and all your neighbors will know of your great affection.  Mix things up by adding in some pink twinkle lights.

Mini Lights and Valentine's Day

Use some pink and red mini lights to accent tree trunks and shrubs in either front yard or back to show off for the holiday.  If you are planning a or  back yard candlelight dinner - strictly for the warmer Southern regions and Western States - you might consider making your backyard a wonderland of ransparent, pink or red mini lights accenting your porch, table or back yard furniture umbrella.

Use red, pink or white led christmas lights to accent your bedroom with a whimsical flair.  Poster beds with or without canopies provide the perfect architectural frame for your lighting project.  Mix with some pink, red or white organza and the results will be truly exotic.  LED Christmas lights are great for this application because they don't heat up more than one degree celsius when left on for a long period of time.  (But be sure to unplug them when you are finished, anyway!)

So after you've planned the menu or made reservations, order a few Christmas lights to highlight your Valentine's Day.  Your Valentine will apprciate you.