Video: How do I terminate the end of a cut 18 AWG or larger stranded cord?

Video: How do I terminate the end of a cut 18 AWG or larger stranded cord?

Options for terminating a Christmas cord include installing a female plug or using electrical tape, or liquid electrical tape. Watch a quick video or see the video transcript for more information.


Shellie: One question that we get, what do you do with the cut end of a cord when you've shortened it for Christmas lights? Note, this is a lamb-style cord, and so, it's not…they're wired in parallel, so that means you can cut them. One technique is just to go ahead and get a couple of pieces of electrical tape. Here's my role of electrical tape. That's pretty exciting. And you just have a pair of scissors because if you don't, it'll just like stretch and pull, and it'll give you a headache. And so, then, if I can look on the other side of this camera, I would just go ahead and take a little piece, and put it like this, and then, take a slightly longer piece like this. And, you know, there are many ways to do this properly, but this is a nice one.

What do you think Dave?

Dave: I think that would work.

Shellie: So, voilà, that's one way of terminating a cut wire. Okay. So, another way to terminate the end of your cord is to use a product called liquid electrical tape. You can get this at your local hardware store, and you just take the end, and look around your camera, and take this and it's really gooey and you just dab, dab, dab. Note, the cord is currently not plugged in. I'm not doing this on a hot cord, and you just go dab, dab. Is this right Dave?

Dave: That's perfect.

Shellie: I was just wondering if we were in agreement there. And so, voilà, then, the end is officially terminated. So, you've covered up those copper end wires.

Dave: I personally would do…after it dries would do another coat.

Shellie: And then, you'd let it dry, and it'd be ready for installation. A third optional way is to use a female plug and install it on the end of your cord. So, Dave, did we cover the major ways?

Dave: Yes.

Shellie: There probably are many other ways that electricians will terminate a Christmas light cord, but these are the ones we hear about and suggest the most. Thank you so much for stopping to watch our video. We are Shellie and Dave at Christmas Light Source.