Pink Craft Lights

Pink Craft Lights

All of these pink mini light sets have a single plug and 36 inches of wire between the plug and the first light. (Note, if you need to run lights in series, you just need a standard pink mini-light set.)

You can choose between light on white wire or green wire. Many of our customers use these lights to fill glass bricks and bottles of all shapes and sizes. Consider using the sets on white wire for clear containers and the lights on green wire when you want the lights to disappear behind colored glass.

Keep in mind that sets that have incandescent bulbs will generate heat while in operation. If you sell your crafts, be sure to add a few words of warning to a label or sticker to affix to your project to make sure that customers don't leave their lamps unattended and don't operate them on a temperature-sensitive surface

Ways to Decorate with Pink Mini Lights for Crafts

Here are a few ways to use these pink lights:

  1. Fill a clear wine bottle with a set on white wire, add a bow and use the bottle to accent your bathroom counter. (Have a local glass shop to drill a hole in the bottom of your bottle.) You'll have a fun night light that will cast a beauty-enhancing glow.

  2. Decorating for an upcoming baby shower? Glass bricks are available at your local hobby shop. They come with a large opening so you don't have to worry about drilling a hole for your lights. (After your party, you can use the glass brick as a face for real or artificial flowers.) Install pink lights in the bricks and tie the "light packages" with a white or wide pink bow. These lit bricks look beautiful on the gift table or next to the guest register.

  3. Live in Florida or want a non-traditional Christmas wreath? Skip traditional colors for Christmas and pull out the pink flamingos. Go pink for your Yuletide decor this year. We've noticed that Floridians LOVE pink. If you live in Minnesota or Wyoming, start a new trend this year with this summer-time color.

  4. Use the pink lights in conjunction with a white feather wreath with pink foam hearts and valentine toys available at the dollar store to make a super-cute valentines day wreath. Or add personal items from dates and use the wreath as a decoration for an upcoming anniversary or your wedding or your first kiss :)