Gilbert Plugs


      Using the correct hardware for your Christmas light project can make the difference between a good and a great display. Choose plugs, extension cords and color caps to make a good outdoor Christmas light design the bet it can be. (After all, isn’t having the best lights your street, your goal?)

      Make sure you take the following specifications into account a you choose your hardware:

      • Wire color
      • Thickness of insulation: Is your stringer wire standard SPT-1 or the thicker SPT-2? Check your insulation - the classification should be printed on the cord.

      How do I terminate a Christmas light cords?

      If you or your master electrician (who you should consult on all custom electrical projects) is cutting your cord to length a great and more permanent solution than electrical tape on the end of your cords is to quickly and easily install a female gilbert plug in a color that matches your stringer wire.