Get This Look: Curtain and Icicle Lights for Stunning Results

Get This Look: Mixing curtain and icicle lights

We love this project!

Decorated with traditional glass-bulb icicle lights and curtain lights, this house takes our breath away. Our icicle lights are longer than big box store sets so their effect is more dramatic. Curtain lights have the same structure as icicle lights but have 6-foot long icicles so they partner well together.


Here is what Jane had to say about her lights:

I have used curtain lights in my windows at Xmas for over 20 years. I put them in each window of my house. They are easy to install. I am also glad you have the longer strands now. These are the best quality of any that I have seen. I am so grateful that you carry them as they are very hard to find. Thank you so much!!

Jane J.




We love the traditional look that icicles give vintage homes during the holiday season. Using icicle clips along the roof's edge makes creating a sharp line quick and easy.The materials list below outlines what was used on this project. Thanks, Jane, for sharing photos of your wonderful display!





Get This Look: Mixing curtain and icicle lights

Originally published 11/18/2021