Green Craft Lights

      Bring the Luck o' the Irish to your next crafts project with these green lights. On white or green wire, you can bring a little Springtime color to your home or office.

      Our green lights come in either glass or LED versions and various lengths based on the number of lights (10, 15, 20 and 35). Lengths are noted on each set. Most of our craft lights have 36 inches of wire between the plug and first light. You'll receive a replacement fuse

      Combined with pink, yellow and teal lights, green is perfect for Easter. Mixed with Easter eggs on a white or green wreath, welcome guests during April or May with your pastel entry-way.

      Ways to Decorate with Green Craft Lights

      Here are a few ways to use Green lights for home and gift giving projects:

      Don't let March 17th go by without inviting a few friends over for corned beef hash and mash served with a nice red wine. Filling a couple of empty wine bottles with green lights can serve as either decoration for your sidebar or a nice hostess gift tied with a festive ribbon bow.

      Head to a craft super-store or an antique mall to find a wire chicken or currently trending 3-dimensional kitchen accessory and fill it full of green lights. (When July arrives you can replace the green with red, white and blue.)

      Fill a glass container with lights as a bathroom counter-top accessory.

      Instead of filling a standard wine bottle, have your local glass shop drill a hole in a lager-bottle and install a strand of 20 lights. Don't fasten down the sealed lid - let the heat from the lights escape out the top of the bottle. if you are a crafter, thing outside the box when it comes to containers and different varieties of bottles.

      Accent your entry way plants with green lights wrapped around their bases or wrapped through their branches.