T50 LED Bulbs E26 Bases


      How do I light my patio when I just have one breaker?

      Do you have lights for my backyard party?

      Jump on the hottest trend in restaurant lighting and choose your favorite color of LED bulbs with medium bases. Combine them with our medium or heavy-duty cords with or without "suspenders" and you'll rival the decor in your favorite upscale restaurant patio. These light bulbs also work in last season's patio light strings if they have standard E26 sockets.

        Warm and pure white are our most popular colors. Consider thinking outside of the box and enjoy long-lasting colors in brilliant jewel tones. Alternate your favorite colors to create a theme for your next get-together.

        Frequently asked questions:

        Will the color of these bulbs peel? Long-term sun exposure will ultimately fade these bulbs (like everything installed outside) but the color is mixed into the polycarbonate lenses and is less likely to peel than traditional painted incandescent bulbs.

        How many can I run in series? Since these bulb are super-low-current (see specifications for each bulb) the maximum run of the lights is determined by the gauge of the stringer wire you are using for your design. Check the specification for the cord you are choosing. Exceeding the specifications of the cord will create a hazard so if you have any questions or concerns, consult with a master electrician.

        Will I need supports? The commercial quality cords used with these bulbs are strong but if your span is greater than 10 feet between posts or support points, you will need to consider stringing support cable between your corners for additional support.

        How long with these bulbs last? All of our bulbs and strings are warranted for 90 days of seasonal use. Lifetime specifications are provided for our bulbs to allow you to make comparisons. Your installation environment - sun, wind, rain - will ultimately determine the lifespan of your bulbs.