Red Mini Lights


      Welcome to the collection of red glass mini-lights! These lights are a versatile and vibrant addition to any holiday or special occasion decor. Use them to celebrate Valentine's Day by adding a romantic touch to your space. Mix them with white and blue lights to create a patriotic display for holidays like Independence Day or Memorial Day.

      You can also get creative with them and add some festive flair to department store windows during the Christmas season. With their classic glass bulb shape and bright red color, these mini-lights will surely bring some cheer to any occasion. Browse our collection on the Christmas Light Source website and let your imagination run wild with the possibilities!

      Decorating with Red Christmas Lights

      February is the month of love and the month we celebrate Valentine's Day. Red is the primary color we think of when this holiday rolls around, right? Why not decorate with red light strings to make this holiday a bit sweeter?

      Valentines Day

      A child's Valentine's Day party would be festive and fun with the addition of red mini lights. String them along the ceiling in the party room. Adorn the corner grapevine tree with them and then attach red paper hearts (that the children make that day at the party) to the tree.

      Create a large red heart with mini lights on one wall and then fill it in with tufts of crepe paper for a "puffy look". The children will love it!

      For a family tradition, string red lights across a wall where everyone can reach it. During the month of February, family members can attach "love notes" to each other. At the end of the month, put the Valentines into a scrapbook along with a picture of the red mini light "clothesline" as a special keepsake.

      Weddings all go together to make the day memorable. Christmas weddings are very popular and are often done in color schemes of red and white. Red mini lights would be the perfect accent for your wedding reception decorations. Wrap them around columns. Outline the entrance to the reception hall to welcome your guests. "Hide" them under yards of tulle or organza on the cake table for a soft, red, romantic glow.

      Home Decor

      Do you want an excuse to decorate with red mini lights? Host a salsa party or chili fest! Fresh tomatoes off the vine or from your local farmer's market just beg to be made into salsa. Invite your friends over for a salsa party, featuring different flavors of salsa. Ask each person to bring their favorite dipping chips.

      Welcome your guests with a beautiful buffet table adorned with red mini lights, baskets of fresh tomatoes, and fresh salsa. Decorate your outside patio area, walkway, or fence with red mini lights for an alternative light source once the sun goes down. Winter is a great time for the all time favorite of homemade chili. Host a chili fest in your home, or in the back yard. Wrap your tree trunks with red mini lights. String red mini lights overhead on your patio and then hang chili ristras next to them for an added accent.

      Use as part of red, white and blue!

      Red mini lights are perfect for decorating for the 4th of July, Memorial Day, and Flag Day. String red mini lights along your fencing, along with red, white and blue bunting. Large country porches look stunningly patriotic when strung with red, clear and blue mini lights. Use red mini lights with accents of blue and white party decorations to spice up your outdoor barbecue or family get together.

      Consider bringing a romantic glow and warmth to the master bedroom with the addition of a few red mini lights. Fireplaces look fantastic when accented with red mini lights - either on the mantle or grouped in a vase to take the place of the fire during the warmer months. Grapevine wreaths have an added "punch" adorned with this color of lights too!