Edison Bulbs


      Edison bulbs, named after the inventor of the practical incandescent light bulb, Thomas Edison, are a nod to the nostalgic design of the early 20th century. They bring a vintage aesthetic and warmth to any space and are recognized for their distinctive look.

      These bulbs are incandescent, meaning they produce light by heating a wire filament to a temperature that makes it glow. Despite the advent of more energy-efficient lighting options, incandescent Edison bulbs remain popular for their warm, inviting light quality and classic design.

      One of the notable characteristics of Edison bulbs is their slight amber tint. This tinted glass softens the light emitted by the bulb, bathing spaces in a warm, golden glow. The tint also helps to reduce glare, making these bulbs a comfortable and atmospheric lighting option.

      Edison bulbs come with E26 bases, also known as medium bases. The E26 specification refers to the diameter of the base, which is approximately 26 millimeters. This is the most common size for light bulb bases in the United States, making these bulbs compatible with a wide range of light fixtures.

      Edison bulbs offer not just illumination, but also a decorative element that enhances the aesthetics of various spaces. Their warm, amber-tinted light creates an inviting atmosphere that harks back to a bygone era.