Orange Rope Light


      Do you have a light spool for Halloween? I'm trying to light up our haunted house.

      These rope lights are an easy, economical way to decorate the entrance of your haunted house. Combine them with orange mini lights when you need balls of color, and you'll add an eerie glow to your Halloween fundraiser or neighborhood project.

      Residential and commercial users use these lights to celebrate the kickoff of Autumn and Halloween. This is the time of year when overcast skies kick into full gear and there's nothing like lights to make customers and neighbors smile.

      6 More Ways to Decorate with Orange Rope Lights

      We love all the ways orange lights can be incorporated into design even it it's not October. They can be used in your home, for your business, celebrations, holidays, and for commercial applications. Take a look at these fun ideas for making any space and any occasion sparkle!
      Thanksgiving - autumn is one of the most popular times of the year for decorating our homes and porches with the colors of the harvest and fall leaves. Orange rope lights can be a big part of your decorating theme. Put them around your porch, banisters, walkways, steps, outbuildings and swing set. Wrap a few lengths around hay bales and cornstalks for a festive fall look on the porch or in your foyer.
      Fall Festivals - make the town fall festival one that the townspeople won't forget. Decorate the booths, the stage, gazebo, trees, and more with clear and orange rope lights for a beautiful display during those cool fall evenings.
      Barn Dances - wrap every beam, encircle every column, and suspend rope lights from the ceiling to create a canopy of light above the dance floor. What is a dance without romantic and ambient lighting? Our orange rope lights are perfect for creating just the right touch of soft lighting for a late summer or fall barn dance.
      Fairs - dress up your 4-H booth, vendor display, or animal stall with orange rope lights. They are great for drawing attention and for making the fair atmosphere fun and exciting.
      Halloween - we would be remiss if we didn't mention this extremely popular holiday. Halloween decor wouldn't be right without the addition of orange rope lights along with green rope lights. You will create just the right eerie atmosphere for your little beggars on trick-and-treat night.
      Trade Show Booths - any trade show booth with a home improvement theme would look twice as nice decorated with orange rope lights. Take your cue from home improvement stores that use orange as their signature color!