M5 LED Christmas Lights

This shape of lights is called mini ice because the shape of the lens looks like a tiny little icicle. It was one of the first shapes manufactured when LED light strings were developed and continues to be popular in both home and commercial applications.

Because this lens looks as pretty unlit during the day as lit, it is also a top choice with designers of large displays that will be seen by a large amount of foot traffic during the day. This also makes this shape of LED lens a great choice for your home Christmas tree.

We carry this shape of lens in our LED icicle and net light product lines so you can carry this style through your entire project.

Frequently asked questions:

How long are the strings?

Most of these LED mini lights strings have 50 lights to the strand spaced 4 inches apart for a lit length of just over 16 feet. Check the specifications list on the set you are interested in to see exact length and number of bulbs.

Do these require an adapter?

No, these lights have standard male and female plugs and can be run in series. The maximum number of strings that can be run is noted individually on each light string.

As with all LED lighting products, we strongly suggest that in addition to plugging your lights into a GFCI protected outlet when using outdoors, that you also plug your lights into a surge protector. Made with many of the same materials found in your home computer, protect your lights from spikes on your electrical lines due to weather and other environmental conditions.