LED Icicle Lights

      LED Icicle Lights
      Attention, light lovers! It's time to add a bit of winter magic to your home, no matter what the season. Welcome to our icy-cool collection of LED Icicle Lights. These are not just lights; they're cascades of glowing wonder, mimicking the whimsical charm of icicles hanging from a wintry eave. Perfect for any festive occasion, these LED beauties bring the energy efficiency and longevity you love about LED technology.

      Our LED Icicle Lights are the perfect way to make your house twinkle for Christmas with a soft, enchanting glow, or to turn your party into a sparkling extravaganza. Whether you're looking to mimic a starlit night or a snowy day, these lights are your ticket to a captivating display. But remember, while they may look frosty, they're far from cold – these icicle lights are all about bringing warmth and joy to your home. So, come along and let's add a sprinkle of icy illumination to every season!

      Decorating with LED Icicle Lights

      I love the look of icicle lights but only have one breaker for my front display. Any suggestions?

      Do you have icicle lights to match my LED Christmas lights?

      We want to use icicle lights for our events but they keep going out after 3 months. What do you suggest?

      The answer to all three of these questions is easy: LED Icicle Lights

      I can't tell you how exciting it was when these lights arrived. We had been selling straight light strings for over 5 years. We'd also released net lights for internet sales. The missing link was icicle lights. We're glad that these sets are available to round out our product offerings.

      Applications include:

      • Lining your roofline (of course!)
      • Hoola Hoop Chandeliers
      • Wedding decorations for the ceremony and reception
      • Highlighting the ceiling above a dance floor
      • Decorating for prom

      Made with the latest in LED technology, these light strings are more durable, last longer and use up to 90% less electricity than their incandescent counterparts. If you have moved to LED strings and nets, these lights are the best choice to blend with the rest of your display in color and style.

      Frequently Asked Questions:

      Are these lights waterproof?

      They are rated for indoor and outdoor use. While not meant to be submerged or buried in a muddy garden, they are resistant to wind and rain. Please note that the wiring on these lights - and all other Christmas lights for that matter - are susceptible to UV degradation and will age when exposed to the sun and elements.

      Do I need to use a surge protector?

      Yes, we strongly suggest that you use an outdoor rated surge protector for all LED lighting displays and projects. LEDs are made of semiconductors and are sensitive to electrical surges on the lines.