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Rope lights are great for decorating restaurants, boat docks, or your next party! Choose between incandescent and LED rope light spools to light up your party, Santa's sleigh, or a restaurant patio.

Rope Light Installation Guide

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Rope Light in Action

See this fun project using rope light to repair yard dolphins!
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      More information about our rope lights:

      We carry both LED and incandescent types of rope lighting.

      Because the bulbs are enclosed inside a protective casing, these spools can be used for both indoor and outdoor occasions. We offer several two diameters and choice of colors of plastic neon rope lighting options.

      Each rope light spool is shipped with installation accessory kits - contents are noted on each product.

      Our chasing rope light is perfect for adding chasing animation and flash to your display.   Build your own lengths of 1/2" 3-wire rope light in concert with one of our controllers and you'll have rope lights that blink, chase, or fade. Rooflines look fantastic when outlined with the sharp edges these runs produce.

      Rope light installation is easy

      We are currently shipping two groups of rope lights - our new tubing and adhesive version of LED and incandescent rope light (with adhesive installed accessories) and last generation rope light with compression fitted accessories. (Look for “compression” or “2017” to see the original generation).

      We've put together two posts that fully document the assembly process here....  click on the link for the products you are considering.

      Rope Light Uses

      Holiday light displays, such as Santa, sleigh, and reindeer, the outdoor Nativity, Christmas trees, elves, angels, stars, and snowmen, are all quickly transformed into a grand illumination when wrapped and accented with rope lights. Given our excellent choices of rope light colors, you'll have no problem matching your Christmas decorations.

      These spools are also ideal for creating shapes, words, or pictures on the side of your home, garage door, tool shed, or barn since they tend to tangle less than traditional strands of lights and they have a smooth, even appearance.

      In the kitchen, use these lights to illuminate the top of an empty cabinet space to show off collectibles or simply to add warmth to the kitchen, dining room, or den.

      Bookshelves are charming when bedecked with rope lights, creating the perfect, relaxing place to catch up on your reading.

      Other uses for rope lighting include:

      • Wrapping pedestals and columns
      • Outlining stages
      • Floral arrangements and plants
      • Decorating gazebos and arches
      • Sign outlines (businesses)
      • Wrapped around trees
      • Lining pathways
      • Trade shows and exhibits
      • Carnivals
      • Store window displays, windows
      • Bars and nightclubs
      • Prom decorating