LED Craft Lights


      These LED craft lights have only one male plug (no female plug) and a 36 inch wire between the plug and first bulb.

      They don't heat up under operation making them ideal for small, closed containers.

      These string lights have the same brilliant colors as our traditional 120V LED Christmas lights and compliment them nicely.

      Ways to Use LED Craft Lights

      The LED light strings each have 20 or 35  lights to the string spaced 3 inches apart.  They were modeled after our most popular version of incandescent craft lights.  

      A little more costly than our traditional filament-bulb sets, they are a great solution for projects where heat is an issue.

      Here are some ways that our customers are currently using these crafts Lights.  Most of the projects take advantage of the 36-inch lead wire between the plug and first LED.

      1.  Fill wine bottles (after all the wine has been poured and enjoyed).  The safest way to get a hole drilled into a wine bottle is to take it to your local glass shop.  Call ahead for a quote and bring several bottles - to possibly make it cheaper per bottle and provide a backup if one breaks. 

      • Consider choosing green wire for dark bottles and white wire for clear.
      • Install the lights inside the bottle and shake the lights around a bit to get them evenly distributed.
      • Personalize the bottles with sandblasting, paint, stickers, bows or leave them natural.

      2.  Use the lights to highlight glass bricks.  Glass bricks sold in home improvement stores don't have pre-drilled holes - so you'll have to make your way back to the glass shop.  

      Because of the popularity of using bricks in craft projects, you can now find them at local hobby super-stores.

      3.  Use the lights to accent small indoor plants like rosemary.  Nice dense shrubs are perfect for hiding the wires - use green wire for plants and white for bare accent branches.

      4.  Jump on the trend and fill a mason jar with lights.  Use them to accent your kitchen.