LED Christmas Lights

LED Christmas lights are available in a wide variety of brilliant colors. From classic warm white to vibrant multicolor strands, choosing lights to reflect your style is easy. Combine bulbs and cords, string lights, nets, icicles, rope light spools, and professional-grade hardware to create a cohesive and polished display.

These innovative lights use the latest in modern semiconductor technology, which means they require up to 90% less electricity than traditional lights. That's great news for your electric bill! Durable polycarbonate construction makes installation quick and easy.

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      More tips, questions, and fun facts!

      What shapes of lenses are there? 

      We carry a wide variety of lens shapes. Choose the shape that's your favorite. All but the C7 and C9 lenses are considered mini lights. All of these shapes are for our "plug-and-play" products that have permanently installed bulbs.

      • C9, inspired by the classic bulb but in a light string
      • C7. also inspired by a classic
      • C6, also known as strawberry 
      • M5, also known as mini-ice, looks like a little icicle
      • 5mm, also known as conical and years ago as wide angle
      • G12, small round lenses

      The M5 and 5mm lenses are also used in LED net lights and icicle lights. 

      Check out this video to compare sizes between glass and LED light sets. 

      Where have I seen these LED Christmas Lights?

      If you've seen the trees at these locations, you've seen our LED lights in use:

      • The Capitol Christmas tree
      • National Botanic Gardens in DC
      • Key West
      • Panama City
      • Ceasar's Palace
      • Apple storefront windows around the globe
      • The Country Music Awards
      • Dollyworld
      • Columbia University
      • Bithell University
      • Macy's
      • The Arrow
      • And many more installations!

      How can I decorate for my wedding or party?

      Consider using lights in the following ways for your big day:

      • Decorate small trees and shrubs at your venue or backyard if you are having a home wedding
      • Use lights on the cake table, draped under a canopy of tulle or under the base of your cake if it is elevated
      • Wrap layers of tulle around mini LED lights and use them to enhance doorways, posts or tables, such as the wedding party table or buffet table.
      • Trellises are often used to decorate at weddings. Add beauty and light by using M5 or wide angle LED's strung diagonally across the trellises
      • Buffet tables, topiaries, and centerpieces are also great backdrops these light sets
      • Larger trees outside the church or reception hall will look fantastic with strings of C7 or C9 LED lights strung around the base and perhaps the lower limbs as well.
      • Are you having an outdoor reception? Use several sets of LED lights to decorate your tents, and tables to create a romantic and magical atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy.

      Any tips for Christmas?

      • Decorate your Christmas tree (of course!) - use both large and mini LED light sets of any color of your choice. Consider using different sizes and colors to add layers of texture to your tree. Go traditional with white or multi or think outside the box with pink, purple or teal
      • Mantels and fireplaces - accent your home's architectural features with a few strings of LED lights strung across or draped in between the hung stockings. Use the same strings that you purchase to accent your tree
      • Holiday wreaths - weave LED mini lights like the strawberry, razzberry and mini ice into your greenery
      • Parties - Use them to spruce up your buffet table when family and friends come to visit
      • Your yard - Go overboard with C7 and C9 LED's, and you'll be the talk of the neighborhood. Don't forget your shrubs, trees, mailbox, and the grapevine tree that adorns your porch

      Any tips for summer decorating?

      • In the backyard - LED light sets will instantly turn an ordinary backyard barbecue into something magical, especially for late afternoon or early evening get-together. Use them under your porch or wrap your backyard tree trunks.
      • Accent your patio - Wrap them around your patio posts or drape them along your balcony.
      • Wrap your tree trunks and limbs - lighting outside trees, no matter the size, will make your outside space instantly warm and inviting to anyone who visits
      • Do you have a gazebo? What could be more romantic or sweet than a gazebo lit with mini LED lights or swagged with strings of larger C7 and C9 lights? String them around the top, the sides, and the bottom railing for a well-lit area. Or, if you prefer a more romantic atmosphere, string just around the top of the gazebo for softer light.
      • Birthday parties - A child's birthday party in the back yard can be transformed into an unforgettable event using sets in every color, or just your child's favorite color.
      • Provide directions - Light the  fence if you want folks to come around back for a fun family party

      How can I use LED Christmas Lights every day at home?  (I'd like to get more use out of my lights than just 3 months out of the year!)

      • On light fixtures - String round LED lights around your chandelier for added ambiance in any room.
      • On Grapevine wreaths and trees - these indoor and outdoor accessories simply beg to have LED light sets wrapped around them for cool efficient accent lighting.
      • In a children's room - kids will love strings of lights hung around the top of their rooms and lit as they go to sleep at night. Turn your child's room into a fairy land or pretend it's a pirate sky. Be sure to add a timer to keep them from operating unattended all night long. In a child's room be sure to check the condition of the wires on a regular basis.
      • Above the cabinets - LED lights installed in the space above your kitchen cabinets will provide energy efficient and heat free accent lighting.
      • Interior plants - real and artificial trees inside the home will give warmth to any room wrapped with LED light strings.

      Any suggestions for lighting cities?

      If you are with a parks and recreation department, follow the lead of towns, cities, and businesses across the country that are already taking advantage of LED Christmas lights' durability and economical operation. 

      Our  LED light sets are specifically designed and rated for 90 days of outdoor use. We suggest that they be installed on GFCI circuits and that surge protectors be in place.

      • Decorate the town square gazebo or Christmas trees with the color of LED light of your choice.
      • Life-size nativity scenes inside or outside a church are softened and brightened with mini LED light sets.
      • Businesses can use these lights to decorate offices or the break room for their associates during the holidays.

      There really isn't any end to the number of uses for LED Christmas light sets! 

      Allow your imagination to run free and imagine where light can lend warmth, light, or ambiance; you'll want to decorate those places with LED Christmas lights. 

      You'll want to use them everywhere in your home, business, town, church, and even your home to give a magical touch to not only the special events of life but to the everyday life events as well.