Halloween Lights


      Using purple and orange lights is a great way to create a spooky and festive atmosphere for Halloween. String them up on your porch or in your windows to give trick-or-treaters a creepy welcome. You can also use purple and orange lights to light up your yard or driveway, creating an eerie path for visitors. Using these colors will help create an authentic Halloween feel and set the tone for a night of fun and fright.

      The fall season is an especially popular time of the year to decorate both the inside and the outside of our homes. Halloween is celebrated in a big way these days and using lights of all kinds gives you either that eerie and spooky effect you're looking for when it comes to setting the stage for Halloween or will celebrate the start of Autumn.

      You can easily combine a few fake tombstones, a plastic cauldron with white, orange, red, purple mini lights and net lights to brighten up your yard for the 31st.


      Outdoor Halloween Displays

      Lights are perfect decoration to add sparkle to your days as they get shorter and cloudier.

      They not only spruce up your outdoor display, they're safer, cost less to run, and will create a safer environment for children and grown-ups alike.


      Purple and Orange C7 and C9 Bulbs and Cords

      Our C7 and C9 LED faceted orange and purple bulbs look fantastic when they're draped across shrubs and bushes. Tree branches and tree trunks will also appear spooky wrapped with these lights.

      Shrubs are the perfect place to hide critters and creatures too! Place glow-in-the-dark eyeballs in the bushes near lights so they glow like real eyeballs. Hide a skeleton behind one of your bushes and prop it so just the head and hands are showing, just like he is ready to come out and get the next neighborhood child!

      Along with the lights in your trees, hang ghoulish decorations such as automated ghosts and witches from the branches. To make your ghosts flutter, place a small fan beneath the tree to blow air beneath the ghosts.


      Fog Machines

      Fog machines are easily obtained online or from your local retail store. These machines are great for creating a smoky area around the doorway of your home.

      Outline your front door with orange and purple mini lights. They'll look really cool glowing through the smoke! Our purple rope lights or strings of purple LED lights are the perfect choice for creating small or huge spider webs on a black background (a black piece of fabric from your local fabric store works great).


      Your Porch

      Porches offer great opportunities for unique decorating ideas. Hang bats from the ceiling of the porch with stretchy string so they "bounce" when someone bumps them. Fake spider webs will create a fantastic effect when stretched from corner to corner, in and on the banisters, around the porch swing, and anywhere else you can think to place them.

      Fat black spider with really long legs and red, beady eyes will make trick-or-treaters look twice, especially when the eyes are illuminated by the orange, green or purple mini lights strung across the ceiling and down the front walls! Hide a small CD player behind a jack-o-lantern and play spooky music to add to the atmosphere.


      The Front Yard

      In the yard, use purple mini lights to outline gravestones for an eerie look. Then, using our light stakes, string lights around the graveyard so it looks like a fence. Put up signs saying "Beware, they come out at night!" or put fun little ditties on the gravestones for fun. To welcome your guests, line your sidewalk leading to your home with C7 or C9 transparent lights in orange or purple.


      The Food

      Are you planning a Halloween party? Drape the food table with a black tablecloth, with the edges just hitting the floor. Now, outline the table with green or purple mini lights. Then, using our mini net lights in green, decorate the sides of the tables, allowing the lights to hang from the edge of the table to the floor. Hang small plastic jack-o-lanterns, black cats, bats, and witch hats from the edges of the table so the lights shine on them. Use single strands of mini lights threaded around the food items on the table and possibly a skull or two, with the lights shining out through the eye sockets. The food table can be the only source of light in the room to create a creepy atmosphere.


      Haunted Houses

      Haunted houses are a huge attraction during Halloween. Some people just love to be scared out of their wits! Use our C7 and C9 bulbs to cast an eerie glow anywhere you need it inside or outside the haunted house. Outline coffins, creatures, black holes, dark doorways, or trap doors with our purple, orange or green mini lights. Dark hallways will appear especially creepy (but they'll be safe too) when just slightly glowing from mini lights lining the floor on either side.


      The Spooky Sky is the Limit....

      There's no limit to your imagination when it comes to using lights to decorate your home inside and out for Halloween. Just think of what would scare you!