Teal Mini Lights

Teal is the color of a perfect day on the ocean, a treasured piece of jewelry or is that happy place between blue and green that makes everybody smile. (I know I always liked this color most in my box of crayons!)

Teal Mini Lights are perfect for Christmas decorating

A tree with turquoise lights accented with silver ornaments is truly impressive. Celebrate a southwestern flair with turquoise lights mixed with red mini lights as well. Add ornaments in gold, red and teal and you'll have a unique tree that all your party guests will admire.

If your pre-wired tree is covered in white lights, add teal strings to spice them up and add your personal flair.

Wrapped in wreaths and garland, go off the beaten path and use turquoise ribbon with golden edges to accent your greenery as you use it to set off your mantle, stair railing and porch.

Combine with a secondary color to pick up the colors in your sofas, paintings and pillows. Add metallic ornaments in silver and gold to the greenery with some wire ties and you'll have a completed Christmas look.

Ideas for ways to use teal lights

Decorating you bedroom

Do you have colorful decor in your master bedroom? Current trends in bedding and curtains include intense palettes. Rich scarlet, deep blues and turquoise, gold, browns. Sumptuous color is the theme of the moment. Wall hangings and pillows with inset mirrors and golden tassels add an exotic air to your private hideaway.

Turquoise Christmas lights can be your finishing touch no matter what the season - coordinating with your sheets, pillow and curtains. Wrap lights around an artificial plant or combine with organza to accent your bed or canopy. Take a tip from interior decorators and spice things up.

Teal lights for Accenting Your Garden and Patio

Bluish-green is always a favorite of mine for mixing with outdoor foliage. Wrapping tree trunks and limbs will brighten your yard with bright and non-traditional colors. Teal mini lights perfectly complement a tera cotta sun-face with or without turquoise accents on the clay.

Teal lights strings are a wonderful accent for your porch.

Draped on a white picket fence, teal is perfect for Spring and Easter decor. Combine with pink, purple, and yellow for a look the Easter bunny himself would love!

Teal Lights for Your Wedding

Choosing teal as a wedding accent color has seen an considerable increase over the last few years - just think of the off the shoulder teal bridesmaids dress that your cousin selected for her nuptials. Teal lights wrapped in teal or white organza will look lovely draped on your serving tables and at the front of the Church.

We feature both green and white wire with our teal christmas light strings so you can pick the best wiring color to blend with your background or table.

Teal Mini Lights to Decorate Your Store or Restaurant

During the spring and summer months, it's nice to have an alternative color outline windows, hung along the ceiling, accent tropical plants and wrap tree trunks. The festive feel of this color light strings will put your customers into a festive mood. Mix with your already present decor to add an unexpected sparkle.