Halloween Crafts with Lights: Tomato Cage Ghost

Tomato Cage Ghosts - Halloween Crafts

Looking for a fun project for Halloween? This project will takes 10 minutes after you assemble the materials. The only difficult part will be stopping yourself from making a dozen of them!


  • 1 string of lights - we used a pure white light string for maximum light and to give a crisp white feel to the finished ghost
  • a tomato cage
  • a plain white twin sheet (for the purposes of this photo shoot, I may have taken a sheet off one of my son's beds.....)
  • ghost eye cutouts, laminate these if you plan a long-term outdoor install -- here is our file to download and print out
  • duct tape


Assemble your tomato cage and a plastic jack-o'-lantern (a plastic milk carton could work as a stand-in).

Secure the top of the cage with duct tape, truly a miracle product.

Unwrap and test your set of lights. A string of incandescent Christmas lights will work as well.

Gently wrap the tomato cage. Make sure you leave your male end plug at the bottom of the cage.

(I'm letting you know so you don't reach to plug in the lights in your ghost and realize you'll need to start over.)

Perch your candy bucket on top of the cage.

We found that the jack-o'-lantern stayed on top of the cage just fine. If you are worried about your popping off, whip out that duct tape.

Drape over your sheet. (Didn't I say this was easy?)

Download the PDF, print the eyes out on cardstock, cut them out and attach to your ghost with duct tape folded back on itself. Laminate the eyes if you plan to leave your ghost outside in the weather.

The ghost posing for it's photo shoot. ("Give us a smile! Work it, work it.")

The headshot.

Giving us a full range of emotions.

Out in the front yard enjoying the view. We used an outdoor rated heavy duty extension cord plugged into an outdoor rated surge protector since were used LED lights.

Have fun with this project, have a Happy Halloween and be sure to share your photos with us. Be sure to use the #christmaslightsource tag on Instagram for your projects.

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