Red LED Christmas Lights


      Bring a touch of romance to your Christmas decor or add a pop of color to your Valentine's Day celebration with our red LED mini lights. These energy-efficient lights feature vibrant red bulbs on a green wire, making them perfect for Christmas and outdoor trees. The bright and bold color also makes them a great choice for Valentine's Day or any occasion where you want to add a touch of passion and excitement to your lighting display. Illuminate your space with the warm glow of these beautiful red LED lights.

      Decorating with Red LED Christmas Lights All Year

      Christmas trees are always the perfect canvas for red color LED lights. Smaller minis or the larger bulbs are ideal for illuminating your artificial or live Christmas tree this year.

      Red mixes well with gold bows and balls. Ornaments will reflect the light, casting a wonderful glow throughout the room. For a truly traditional tree, use both red and green LED light strings wound alternately on the Christmas tree.

      Oversize wreaths hung on the side of the garage, barn, or outbuilding will look festive and fun decorated with red lights, a large red bow, and accents such as birds, berries, and pine cones.

      5 fun ways to use these light strings

      Red LED mini lights can be used in a myriad of ways over the entire year. Artificial plants and trees look great decked out with red lights. Don't forget the bushes and shrubs around the house during the holidays. The garden shed and garage deserve some TLC too, so plan to order enough lights to make those outdoor buildings sparkle as well.

      1. Christmas - always a winning time of year to use red lights. Deck the tree, the porch, windows, hallways, banisters, fireplace mantels, windows, ceilings, decks, patios, or balconies with red lights. Intermingle strings of this color light with green or white lights for a truly traditional Christmas decorating style.

      2. Valentine's Day - red is the color of love, so what better time to use red LED lights than in February? Drape a few red strings across the headboard in the master bedroom for a romantic touch. Suspend strings of red, pink, and white lights from the ceiling for a child's Valentine's Day party.

      3. Fiesta Night - have a fiesta party or cookout and decorate with red mini lights or red C7 lights outside on the deck or patio. Drape the fence, surround the banister, and decorate the food table with red LED Christmas lights. Your guests will love your backyard, especially after the sun goes down and the outdoor space is warmly illuminated.

      4. Theme parties - children absolutely love lights, don't they? Use these strands to brighten up your daughter's ladybug theme party or bring some real "oomph" to your son's race car themed party. Just imagine the expressions on their faces when they see everything decked out for the party! You'll never do another party without lights for sure.

      5. Festivals - our commercial LED Christmas lights in red are the perfect choice for decorating the street lamps, gazebo, and town square for your local festivals.

      Every celebration needs lights! In addition to their ruby red color, red LED Christmas lights are an excellent choice because of their energy saving features.