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Current Market Trends

Sales in incandescent Christmas lights continue to stay strong in light of surging LED string lights and bulb sales.
We recently polled our customers and here are their responses:
  • 100% decorating a house
  • 33% Indoors, 67% Outdoors
  • 33% Christmas Only, 60% Christmas + other holidays, 7%  for football and sports
  • 33% typical with strings & nets, 47% lights & yard art, 20% see from space
  • 47% Incandescent, 53% LED
  • 13% bulbs & cords, 87% strings
Additional trends: 
We continue to see strong sales in traditional lighting. When customers select Christmas lights, personal taste frequently outweighs technical pros and cons of LED vs. incandescent.

For customers who are using just a few lights - 100-200 feet - to outline their roofline, traditional incandescent lights remain a popular choice.


Business and retail customers are using both LED and incandescent lighting in 2015 with electrical service often used as a limiting factor since LED lighting uses up to 90% less electricity than incandescent lighting.

Who is Christmas Light Source?

Started online on October 15th, 2005, Christmas Light Source is the brain-child of wife and husband team, Shellie Gardner and David Robinson. Engineers - one hardware, the other one software - they decided to create a place where people could find lights to brighten up Christmas, their Holidays and parties all year long.



Shellie Gardner and David Robinson.  See more about Shellie and Dave on our About Us page.

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