Get This Look: LED Christmas Tree Lights Make Fantastic Trees!

LED trees

We love this festive family of wire-frame and (and one natural) Christmas trees!

Jim W. had this to say about them:

Excellent products & Quick Delivery

LED 5 mm lights were excellent for my Christmas project. Green wiring also contributed to the nice appearance.

These lights were used on the 6 stand up Christmas trees shown.

Overnight delivery is a plus and hard to find solid colors are available at the Christmas Light Source.

Christmas Light Source is Highly recommended and I am a regular customer and excellent service has been extended on each order over the past several years. Light Source is the place to go for special light needs that can’t be found in most retail outlets.

Each wire tree is lit with strings of 5mm LED Christmas lights. Colors used: blue, orange, green, purple, teal, yellow, and red LEDs on green wire. The frame of each tree is three rods (found at a local hardware store) secured at the top with wire ties.

Jim's yard didn't spring up all at once but began with a single tree in 2017. We love what a single project has grown into. After the Christmas season, lights are unwrapped and the rods are stored for next year. Roll the lights into balls (like yarn) and store in a sealed container out of the summer heat.

Tomato cages also make great frontyard frames. We made them into cute ghosts.


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