Orange Mini Lights


      Cooler temperatures and leaves changing their colors mean fall has arrived! September is the time to start decorating for the last few months of the year. Our orange mini lights are the perfect decorating tool for harvest parties, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.

      These orange mini-lights are ideal whether you're using them to decorate your front porch or create a haunted house atmosphere! Their versatile design can be used in a wide range of applications, including wrapping around trees, weaving through wreaths, or even being used as part of your party decor. Whether you're a Halloween enthusiast or just looking to add a pop of color to your fall decorating scheme, these orange mini lights will make a statement.

      Decorating for Halloween with Orange Mini Lights

      Second only to Christmas is the Halloween holiday when it comes to purchasing lights. Let's look at some excellent ways to decorate your home, inside and out for Halloween. Orange mini lights are ideal for outlining your windows and creating a backdrop for other accents. Use spider webs to criss-cross your windowpanes in a random fashion, and then hang huge black spiders from them for a creepy effect.

      Line your walkway with our light stakes and then string orange mini lights through them to create a pathway up to your front door. These mini lights look fantastic when combined with strings of purple mini lights too. Intertwine the two colors of lights together and decorate the shrubs in front of your house.

      Use spider webs and other creepy creatures to hang from your shrubs. Maybe even have a (fake) snake or two creeping out of your bushes where your guests will be sure to see it illuminated by the orange mini lights lighting your walkway. Believe me, they'll jump!

      Wrapping trees with Orange Mini Lights

      Don't forget the trees in your yard! Wrap your tree trunks in orange mini lights. Using both orange and perhaps purple mini lights, begin at the crown of the tree and then allow the light strands to hang down all around the tree branches. Hang skeletons, ghosts, black cats, skulls, and other Halloween decor from the branches of the tree to create a scary effect as your little beggars slowly walk up your walkway to get their treats.

      Decorate for Fall with Orange Christmas light strings

      Fall is also a popular time for harvest parties. Use orange mini lights to decorate your mantle for this time of year. Gather small pumpkins, gourds, and artificial leaves in deep, rich colors, such as reds, oranges, and browns. Arrange them on your mantle and then weave orange mini lights in between them. Your mantle will look festive not only during the day, but at night it will positively glow. Consider swagging a few strands hanging down from the mantle and then outlining your fireplace as well. If you have power available in this area, hang a grapevine wreath above your fireplace and wrap it with orange mini light strings. Imagine relaxing on some cushy pillows holding your steaming cup of hot cocoa and enjoying your lights in the quiet evening hours�€¦sounds great, doesn't it?

      Ideas for your Porch

      The harvest theme can easily be created outside with orange mini lights as well. A front porch just begs to have a scarecrow wearing flannel seated on a bale of hay, "smoking" a pipe. Use shocks of cornstalks placed beside and around him for a truly festive and fall look. Now, wrap the cornstalks with orange mini lights! Use the lights also to drape over the bales of hay on which the scarecrow sits. Using small "pools" of orange mini lights, illuminate the gourds or pumpkins you'll use to give color against the pale bales of hay.

      Decorating for Thanksgiving

      Your Thanksgiving buffet table will be stunning with orange mini lights strung around the succulent dishes of turkey, mashed potatoes, yams, cranberries and hot rolls. Use varying heights to display your Thanksgiving fare and then use orange mini light strands to surround everything. Add little turkeys, cornucopias, small gourds, and pilgrims in between the dishes to add a bit of whimsy and flair.

      As you can see, there are so many ways to use orange mini lights to decorate your home, inside and out! Enjoy your creations!