Mini Lights/Red Wire

Do you have a light string that will work for my red Christmas tree?

I realized how hard these lights were to find when a lovely woman who owns a store up in the Pacific Northwest called looking for replacement light strings for her vibrant red christmas tree.
It holds a prominent place in her storefront and with only half it's lights working, she was starting to feel the pressure of November coming on quickly.
I'm glad we were able to help. (And I confess, her Mid-Century modern merchandise was very appealing!)
I love that our customers keep us current on the latest trends in Christmas decorations. Sometimes we are so busy connecting customers with the right lights for their projects in the off-season, we count on your to be a finger on the pulse of Holiday decor.
Customers for these sets include:
  • Macy's San Francisco
  • American Heart Association Fun Run Sponsors
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