35-bulb Craft Lights


      Step up your crafting game with our light strings that contain 35 glass or LED bulbs to the light set. These are perfect for those grander craft projects you have in mind. Each string comes with a handy 36-inch lead wire stretching between the male plug and the first bulb, granting you the freedom to create without constraints - or extension cords if you are lucky! Picture these lights twinkling within large glass blocks or adding a magical glow to small wreaths.

      Now, a word to the wise: the stars of this show - the traditional sets - are made of glass and operate with incandescent technology. They're like tiny suns; they do warm up when they shine. To ensure they perform at their best, avoid sealing them in a tiny closed container or placing them on surfaces that dislike heat. With a bit of care, these lights can turn your crafts into mesmerizing masterpieces!