LED Battery Lights

      Perfect for parties and centerpieces! Choose shapes and colors to match the Christmas lights twinkling on the tree, the accent color of your wedding, or choose your favorite color.
      Available with either green or white wiring, choose the color that will blend best with your project. Rated for normal, seasonal, indoor and outdoor use, this family of LED battery lights use 3 AA batteries (not included) and last about 18-24 hours depending on the age and brand of batteries.

      Do you have a way to light a centerpiece when I don't have access to an outlet?

      You don't always have an outlet handy but don't let that stop you from adding sparkle to your next celebration.  We have the internet's largest selection of shapes and colors of LED battery lights on green and white wire.

      Choose one of the following shapes for your project:

      • Wide Angle (5mm):  Brightest and least obtrusive shape.  (You can pair these with our wide angle string lights for a cohesive look.)
      • M5 (mini ice):  Closest in size to a traditional mini light - lens molded to resemble a little piece of ice.  (You can partner these with M5 strings.) 
      • SM5 (small mini ice):  Small version of the M5 for an elegant look with a smaller lens size.  (M5 strings are also complementary with these sets.)

      Our customers for these lights include:

      • Brides
      • Event planners
      • Prom Committees
      • Band Directors
      • Theater Directors
      • Fun run participants (in their team hats!)


      Frequently Asked Questions about our LED battery powered lights:

      How long do these lights stay lit?

      With a fresh set of 3 AA batteries (not included) these light sets will last 18-24 hours depending on the color of the lights and the age/strength of the batteries.  

      Be sure to test your lights before your big day or party with a brand new set of AA batteries purchased from a store that has good turnover in their battery/electronics department.

      Do your lights twinkle?

      These lights sets are steady-on.  The battery pack is just slightly larger than 3 AA-batteries and has a 2-position slide switch that is either off or on.

      Can I use your led battery lights outside?

      These lights are rated for indoor and outdoor use.  Like all electronics, keep in mind that installation out of doors exposes your light sets to sun, wind and rain which will all affect the ultimate lifespan of your strings.

      Are these lights waterproof?

      These battery light strings are water resistant.  (Not submergible.)  The battery pack is not submergible.  (Hope that helps.  Most people are just asking, "Can these get wet?" The answer to that is, "A light rain is fine".  The battery box is not hardened for hurricane force winds and weather.)