Pure White LED Christmas Lights

One of our two choices in LED White color, this line of Christmas light sets are pure - bright, sharp and clear - compared to the slightly warmer look of the warm white LED Christmas light strings.

These light sets are commonly used in commercial applications where other environmental lighting also looks cooler. Quite a bit of the landscape lighting is taking advantage of LED technology and have a more pure than warm cast so these light sets will blend with that architectural lighting as well.

Decorating with Pure White LED Christmas Lights

Pure white color LED Christmas lights will probably always be seen decorating Christmas trees, town squares, wreaths, homes, lighting displays, porches, garages, walkways, and town light poles during the holiday months. These pure white color LED lights are ideal for bringing the clean and crisp light that we crave when it comes to the holiday season. It's not the only time to use these LED lights however, so read on and have your imagination sparked with ideas about how to use pure white color LED Christmas lights throughout the year.

Perhaps you reside in the country and have a long country drive lined with a split log fence. What a sight your driveway and ranch would be if you decorated the fence from the end of the driveway all the way to the ranch house with pure white color LED lights and garland! Outline your ranch house, barn, silo, outbuildings, and trees with our Strawberry C6 LED lights, mini LED lights, or our Razzberry G12 LED lights for a stunning effect for family and friends coming to visit. Even folks who are simply driving by will be touched by the incredible lighting display. If you don't have a fence lining your driveway, use our light stakes to suspend the lights along the driveway for an equally beautiful effect.

Outdoor kitchens are becoming more and more popular, especially in the southern states where the weather is decent for roughly ten months out of twelve. Outdoor kitchens are enjoyed both during the day and in the evenings. Why not use pure white color LED lights to bring a bit of soft light to those warm summer evenings and the cooler fall evenings by decorating your outdoor kitchen and seating area? Use the trees, greenery, and water features surrounding the kitchen area as a backdrop for stringing our pure white color LED lights and creating an inviting atmosphere for you and for your guests.

Gardens are full of shades of green and bursts of color from the flowers and bushes included in the landscape. Use our pure white color LED mini lights to outline your flower beds, bring shimmer to your water features, and to dissipate the dreariness of those winter days by stringing the lights over and around your bare arbors.

Proms, homecoming dances, barn dances, square dances, and sweater hops are all special occasions that are both magical and fun. When the lights go down and the music starts, our pure white color LED lights will provide soft light by which to dance and enjoy the romantic atmosphere. When things get a bit more rowdy at the barn or square dance, our lights can illuminate your way to the punch table or to a bench on the side where you can catch your breath when they're suspended from the rafters and beams above.

Bed and breakfasts are often a haven or get away destination for couples, families, and sometimes a single person. These establishments are known for providing a quiet and relaxing atmosphere for guests. Our pure white color LED lights can help provide a warm and inviting foyer, sitting room, and dining area when draped along the fireplace mantel or along the dining room sideboard or buffet. Your guests may want to set up permanent residence!

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