1/2" Rope Light Spools

Frequently asked questions:

Do you sell custom lengths of rope light?

We only sell our spools in 150-foot lengths. We hope you'll find plenty of uses for this versatile lighting product. You may find that at our prices you can afford more light for more projects!

Can I cut the rope light any place that I want to?

No, you have to cut the rope light between white "cut marks" that are positioned every 18 or 36 or 54 inches. Check the spool you are purchasing to double-check that figure as it varies between colors and styles of rope.

Any tips?

The electrical connections inside the rope light float. Be careful not to twist them into too small of a diameter curve and breaking the electrical connection. Also, be careful not to stretch them too tightly or the floating connections may pull apart. If you've overstretched or over curverd your rope light use splices (included with all the spools) to repair the disconnected section.