Pink Mini Lights


      Pink mini lights are a delightful addition to any celebration. These mini lights are perfect for decorating Christmas trees, wreaths, and garlands during the holiday season, but they are also a great choice for sweet sixteen parties, Barbie birthday parties, and casting a romantic glow at Valentine's Day. The soft pink hue creates a warm and inviting ambiance that adds a touch of charm to any space.

      One of our most popular colors, we hear from our customers that they love using these pink Christmas lights all year long. Used on their own they make a statement or can be used in combination with other colors for occasions like these:

      • A young woman's birthday party: Mix with white
      • Easter: Combine with teal, purple, yellow and green outdoors and indoors on wreaths and Easter decor
      • October: Join our customers who are using these lights as part of their breast cancer awareness events
      • Miami Christmas: Celebrate Christmas and the Art Deco district with these pink lights

      Our string lights are manufactured with 50 or 100 lights to the string with either 2.5, 4 and 6 inches separating the bulbs. All of these strings have 2 plugs - a male and a female at each end that allow you to connect sets in series. Be sure not to exceed the maximum run specification for the strings you purchase. If you need light sets with a single male plug for wine bottles or similar projects, check out our craft lights.

      Pink Mini lights are great for Valentines Day

      The color red is pretty much heralded as the primary color associated with Valentine's Day. However, imagine using pink mini lights along with red mini lights on an artificial tree, around windows or doorways, or on your buffet table. The pink light instantly compliments the red color and you have a wonderfully romantic atmosphere in which to enjoy your spouse, significant other, or friends and family.

      Use Pink light strings to decorate a birthday party

      I think it's safe to say that most girls love the color pink. Create a princess wonderland for a girl's birthday party with pink mini lights draped around the dining room ceiling, chandelier, around the gift table, and around her cake in addition to the candles. Intertwine them with white tulle for a special touch around the birthday girls' chair at the table. She'll feel like a princess all day long and the party will create memories she won't soon forget.

      Accent your dinner parties with pink lighting

      You may have heard somewhere that everyone looks fantastic when bathed in candlelight, so that is the best lighting for a romantic dinner or special evening event. The light cast from our pink lights is incredibly flattering. Consider adorning your dining room sideboard with our pink mini lights for soft and complexion-enhancing light.

      Decorate a Girl's bedroom with pink mini lights

      A girl's bedroom is the perfect place to light up with pink mini lights. Use them to outline the canopy above her bed or around her mirror on her dresser. These lights are also a great way to illuminate her animals that are lined along her ceiling shelves. She'll enjoy seeing them in the evening before she falls asleep.

      Pink Mini lights for Christmas

      Mini lights of several colors are seen during the Christmas holiday. Why not use pink mini lights on your white or green Christmas tree this year? Compliment your pink light strands with white pearls, bows, and ornaments that go along with the theme of pink and white. It will be a stunning tree and one you'll remember for years to come.

      Some of our customers are putting Barbie to good use with a Barbie themed Chistmas tree for their daughter's room. How cool to accent that favorite girl's toy with some pink strings of lights. Add pink and silver glass balls to complete the look.

      Our pink lights combined with blue lights make a wonderful princess tree. Add some dollar store tiaras with silver, pink and blue ornaments and you're daughter will think she is truly royalty!

      Decorating Outdoors with Pink Mini Lights

      Our pink mini lights look great out of doors too! Do you have pink flamingos in your yard? They'll become even more festive and fun when decorated with pink mini lights. You'll enjoy seeing them as you sit on the porch in the evening, enjoying some pink lemonade.

      A few other ideas for pink mini lights might include: baby showers, bridal showers, Sweetest Day, Easter, or simply for every day use, just for fun.

      When it comes to pink mini lights, think outside the box, and you'll likely come up with several more great ideas for using them around the house, outside, or for your business. Get creative and have some fun!