Curtain Lights (Glass and LED)


      Decorating with Curtain Lights

      The possibilities are really exciting when you begin brainstorming about how to use these versatile light sets. Here are just a few suggestions to get you started:

      • Window treatments - hang a set on either side of a tall window and then use long sheer curtain panels over them. The lights and fabric panels could hang straight down or be gently pulled to the side and secured during the day. Hang the light sets with either permanently installed or tension rods.
      • Prom/Homecoming Dances - gymnasiums are often transformed into a wonderland of sorts and decorated around a central theme. Curtain lights are the perfect way to add sparkles to a gymnasium ceiling, the entryway, or to create a backdrop for impromptu photographs.
      • Display Cases - large glass display cases would look fantastic with a set or two on the back wall. Schools often highlight the accomplishments of their students by placing certificates, trophies, and jerseys on display - why not kick it up a notch and add lights to draw even more attention?
      • Cover Walls - curtain mini lights will instantly dress up a bedroom wall, an accent wall, an empty wall behind a special display, and much more. Consider layering sheer curtain panels over a set of these lights for a romantic and soft appearance for any room.
      • Retail window displays - illuminate mannequins, special holiday displays, sales promotions, and more using curtain mini lights on every side of your display window.
      • Special Events - wedding receptions, banquets, and black-tie affairs will sparkle and cause a stir when decorated with sets of curtain mini lights.
      Some additional thoughts on using curtain mini lights might include:
      • Incorporating a set or two into a child's reading area for extra light and atmosphere
      • Place a set of these lights behind a girl's headboard, along with tulle or sheer white fabric. At night, the lights will sparkle softly through the fabric and throw points of light onto the walls, making the room wonderfully cozy and fun.
      • At live events - behind a live band, DJ, or other musical group
      • Dances - no matter what the theme or the time of year, these lights can be used to make any space beautiful
      • Christmas displays - fantastic for lighting up the sides of a garden shed or garage quickly. Use to decorate a fence-line or dress up an otherwise unsightly fence.
      • Businesses and restaurants - use curtain mini lights to spruce up a dark corner or to draw attention to sale items/specials for the week.