Yellow Rope Light

      Creating a captivating ambiance around your boat dock, roofline, or party house has never been simpler than with rope lights.

      These yellow spools of light can be easily cut between the designated cut marks, represented by dotted white lines along the rope. It's important to note that each set may feature varying spacing of cut marks, so it's essential to review the specifications for the spool you're interested in to ensure the minimum length aligns with your project requirements. To complete your installation, each rope length will require a power connector, power cord, and an end cap at the opposite end.

      Our valued customers have utilized these yellow spools for an array of projects, such as:

      1. Illuminating the space above cabinets
      2. Adding a warm glow to an angel yard sculpture
      3. Enhancing an outdoor pergola, offering a delightful alternative to traditional white lights.

      Please be aware that the connections in rope lights are "floating," which means there is a limit to how tightly you can wind them around poles and columns. Moreover, in the unlikely event of a section of rope light failure, each spool includes splice connectors to facilitate seamless replacement. Enjoy the versatility and convenience of rope lights to elevate your surroundings!